We Create And Install Digital Printed Glass For Your Home Or Business

For over 30 years , Alexandra Shower Designs has developed into one of the nation’s largest and most respected custom glass and shower door companies. From design to manufacturing to installation, Alexandra continues to spearhead the most sophisticated and innovative processes in the market today.

Digital Printed Glass

The possibilities are endless with regard to the scope of images that can be placed onto various types of glass. On top of the comprehensive design catalog we have currently have, we encourage the client to capture the image or design that truly represents their aesthetic and style. Through cutting-edge printing materials and technology, we can apply that high-resolution image directly onto a glass panel for a variety of applications in the home or commercial space.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

It is our pleasure to collaborate with you in an effort to offer you and/or your clients every option available. You will be more than satisfied with our attention to detail and quality customer service. Regardless of image texture, color, or detail, you can be confident we will create an accurate reproduction.

  • Backsplashes–  Kitchen counter, behind the sink and stove, around the bathtub to protect the wall surface
  • Elevator Interiors– Create unique, contemporary elevator design
  • Doors– Integrated with Grayglass’ custom fabrication, glass doors can be designed with more personal touch
  • Glass Stairs– The glass railings are popular for outdoor use on decks and around swimming pools providing the unrestricted views.


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